Falcon Grass Shears – Model FGS-2000

Short Description
  • Brand : Falcon
  • Blade size: 175 mm.
  • Versatile 3-position blade swivel for horizontal, diagonal, or vertical cutting.
  • Hardened steel blades with rust preventive coating.
  • Convenient safety lock for secure storage.


Introducing the Falcon Grass Shears, an innovation in precision grass cutting designed to transform your lawn maintenance experience. The FGS-2000 model is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency in grass cutting tasks.

At the heart of these grass shears lies a 175 mm blade size, meticulously engineered to deliver precise cuts. The versatile 3-position blade swivel feature empowers users to effortlessly switch between horizontal, diagonal, or vertical cutting positions, catering to various grass trimming needs.

The hardened steel blades stand as a testament to durability and cutting precision. These blades maintain their sharpness, ensuring consistent performance over time, while the rust preventive coating enhances their longevity, even in varying weather conditions.

Safety and convenience are paramount in the FGS-2000 model. The incorporated safety lock mechanism ensures safe storage when not in use, preventing accidental openings. This feature not only enhances safety but also prolongs the life of the blades by preventing unnecessary wear.

The Falcon Grass Shears are more than just a cutting tool; they are an essential companion for any gardener striving for a well-manicured lawn. The ergonomic design coupled with the precision and ease of use makes these shears an indispensable tool for lawn care enthusiasts and professional landscapers alike.

Upgrade your grass-cutting experience with the Falcon Grass Shears FGS-2000. From achieving perfectly trimmed edges to efficiently managing the overall lawn appearance, these shears redefine precision and ease in grass cutting, delivering impeccable results every time.



  1. Precision Cutting: 175 mm blade size ensures precise and clean cuts.
  2. Versatile Blade Positions: 3-position swivel enables horizontal, diagonal, or vertical cutting.
  3. Hardened Steel Blades: Ensure durability and consistent cutting performance.
  4. Rust-Resistant Coating: Enhances longevity, even in varying weather conditions.
  5. Safety Lock: Convenient mechanism for safe storage and blade protection.
  6. Efficient Lawn Maintenance: Ideal for maintaining well-manicured edges and grass areas.
  7. Professional-Grade Performance: Suitable for both enthusiasts and landscapers.
  8. Ergonomic Design: Ensures comfortable and efficient use during extended periods.
  9. Enhanced Precision: Achieves clean and accurate grass trimming for a polished lawn.
  10. Convenient Operation: Simplifies grass cutting in various positions and angles.
  11. Durable Construction: Designed for long-term use and reliability.
  12. Effortless Switching: Easily switch between cutting positions for versatile grass trimming.
  13. User-Friendly: Suitable for individuals with varying levels of lawn care experience.
  14. Safe Storage: Safety lock prevents accidental openings for secure and safe storage.
  15. Enhanced Aesthetics: Elevates the overall appearance of your lawn with precision cuts.


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